Tom Savre – Acoustic Music For Any Occasion

For non-concert performances, such as in a coffee house, bar, or restaurant, when people are dining and/or conversing, I use a combination of my original songs and original instrumentals, intermixed with a selection of jazz, blues, and other favorites to provide acoustic atmosphere.

For special events such as an open house at a nature center or an art gallery, I can use my music to help create the desired stimulating ambiance for a room or outdoor setting where people are conversing, mingling, or moving through the area. People can stop to listen to a song or two, or just enjoy the music as they focus on other interests.

Depending on the venue or event, my performance can be tailored to provide the desired ambiance of any location, venue, or special occasion where my acoustic music is the perfect fit.

Coffeehouses, Bars, Restaurants

Special Events, Open Houses, Dinner Parties, Art Gallery Openings

Nature Centers, Campfire Programs

Wedding Receptions, Garden Parties

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