Tom Savre Wildlife Songs

Feathers and Scales  A celebratory anthem extolling the wonders of the universe, the mystery of nature,  the variety of wildlife on earth, and the happy realization that there will always be more to learn about and love in this world.

The Chickadee Song  A poetic journey through the seasons from late summer to deepest winter highlighting activities and adaptations of numerous native Minnesotan plants and animals in response to changes in the weather with the common theme being the hearty black-capped chickadee who stays active in Minnesota throughout the year.

Making Honey  “Rock and Roll in the Key of Bee” An impassioned work/play/love song from the perspective of a honey bee. What more can I say?

Snapping Turtles Don’t  A snappy little song about some of the things that our wildest native turtles really don’t care much about . . . and a few things that they do. A little bit of turtle life history and a lot of fun.

Turning Toward the Sun and Growing  Song about wild animal mothers and their young. Spring time, lots of babies, life is good!

Wild Talk A walk in the woods on a spring day may cause a person to wish they could understand the meaning of all of the bird songs and wildlife chatter surrounding them.

Winter Solstice Solace  A somber ballad written by a young animal in the midst of winter hibernation who is beginning to wonder if summer will ever return . . .

Erethizon dorsatum  A riddle song describing a number of the wild animals that can be found in Minnesota’s forests and the funny names we give them . . . I wonder what they call us?

Some other songs that I have written that are not specifically wildlife themed, but often work well in wildlife programs:

My Real Home  A poetic reminder that our real homes are not the ones that we build of wood and stone in this world but the world of mountains and forests that built us. (And it can be found “just outside the door”)

Magic In The Air  Some of the things I love about each of the four seasons and why I look forward to the changes they bring.

Twilight  Appreciation for the cycles of life. Comfort found in the passing of time, the turning of the earth, the rise and fall of the tide.

Burning Bright Before The Blue  How can a song capture the intense beauty of a crisp bright blue autumn day? Not possible, but poets never stop trying . . .

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