Tom Savre – Wildlife Music Programs

I have written a number of songs about wildlife and natural history that work well for programs at nature centers, campgrounds, or any site or event where there is a focus on natural history, wildlife appreciation, or simply enjoying time spent outdoors.

I can tailor the subject, the length, and the style of presentation to meet the needs of any size or type of event. My interactions with the audience will be more or less formal depending on the size and type of audience. For example, I usually ask for audience participation in a few of my songs, but the type of assistance that I will ask for will vary greatly depending on the setting and the type of audience.

Wildlife Theme – Concert

For indoor or outdoor events with an audience of any size – I will perform a concert of original songs using wildlife and natural history themes interspersed with anecdotes and stories drawn from some of the interesting and/or funny experiences that I have had working with wildlife. I may ask for volunteers from the audience to help out with bird calls and other sound effects for some of the songs.

Wildlife Theme – Special Events Atmosphere

For providing atmosphere at special events, I can perform acoustic guitar instrumentals and songs with natural history themes to provide background music for any indoor or outdoor setting. People passing by are able to stop and listen to a song or two if they wish or just enjoy the ambiance the music provides as they move through the area.

Wildlife Theme – Naturalist Program

One idea for a wildlife music themed program would be a song writing workshop. The group would first get out “in the field” to look for wildlife and record notes for any interesting behavior they observe. Then participants could work separately or with others to develop one or more stories that they would like to tell. Participants could then using reference books, their field notes, and their imagination to develop original songs about any wildlife subjects that they find interesting. A final stage of the program could be to produce a wildlife music performance for parents or visitors to the nature center.

Some examples of songs that I have written that are about Minnesota wildlife:

The Chickadee Song  A poetic journey through the seasons from late summer to deepest winter highlighting activities and adaptations of numerous native Minnesotan plants and animals in response to changes in the weather with the common theme being the hearty black-capped chickadee who stays active in Minnesota throughout the year.

Making Honey  “Rock and Roll in the Key of Bee” An impassioned work/play/love song from the perspective of a honey bee. What more can I say?

Snapping Turtles Don’t  A snappy little song about some of the things that our wildest native turtles really don’t care much about . . . and a few things that they do. A little bit of turtle life history and a lot of fun.

Turning Toward the Sun and Growing  Song about wild animal mothers and their young. Spring time, lots of babies, life is good!

Feathers and Scales  A celebratory anthem extolling the wonders of the universe, the mystery of nature,  the variety of wildlife on earth, and the happy realization that there will always be more to learn about and love in this world.

Winter Solstice Solace  A somber ballad written by a young animal in the midst of winter hibernation who is beginning to wonder if summer will ever return . . .

Some other songs that I have written that are not specifically wildlife themed, but may be appropriate to use in wildlife programs:

My Real Home  Our real homes are not the ones that we build of wood and stone to shelter us but the world of oceans and mountains and rivers and forests “just outside the door” that sustain us.

Magic In The Air  Some of the things I love about each of the four seasons and why I look forward to the changes they bring.

Twilight  Appreciation for the cycles of life. Comfort found in the passing of time, the turning of the earth, the rise and fall of the tide.

Burning Bright Before The Blue  How can a song capture the intense beauty of a crisp bright blue autumn day? Not possible, but poets never stop trying . . .

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